Character and Game Information Pulled from Dragon Age: Inquisition Files [SPOILERS]

DAI Tools has been released, which lets you go through the Dragon Age: Inquisition game files manually. Because I’m a lunatic, I have been doing so. Honestly there’s very little shocking there, but here are a few quick notes. Again, these are all taken from the game design files themselves.

Random note: Male inquisitor is referred to as Inquisitor Jim. Female inquisitor is referred to as Inquisitor Jill.

Names of hairstyles: straight, wavy, afro, aniston, herman, picard, sarge, koolio, ronin, elvis, sansa, sinead


Cremisius “Crem” Aclassi is the second in command of Bull’s Chargers (Iron Bull’s mercenary group). Experienced and intelligent, Crem is a trusted lieutenant who does most of the complex work Iron Bull can’t be bothered with. Crem and Bull have a friendly trash-talking relationship — they give each other grief as two veteran soldiers, but that informality covers a layer of deep mutual respect.

Cremisius was born in Tevinter as a woman but identified as a man. Because the Tevinter Imperium doesn’t tolerate people cross-dressing and changing their gender identities, Crem was forced to flee Tevinter for more accepting cultures. Now, he acts (and is identified as) male in all cases, but should be voiced by a female (or trans-male) actor doing a masculine voice.

Voice: Slightly deep and consciously masculine speech pattern, despite female (or trans-male) voice actor.


Dignified Grey Warden.


Leliana was once the companion of the Hero of Ferelden. After the Blight, she became the Left Hand of the Divine, and was tasked with handling the spies who worked for Divine Justinia V. She is now the Inquisition’s spymaster. He methods are efficient, but often ruthless.


The leader of the free mages at Redcliffe. She was the Grand Enchanter until the mages rebelled, and has since been put in the position of leading her fellow mages in a battle they cannot win. At the point the player meets her, she is weary of the fighting but doing her best. Determined, she was once a Grey Warden and is rather bitter about the time she spent in the order, wryly regretful of some of the decisions she’s made in the past.


After serving as a templar for over ten years, Cullen is now Commander of the Inquisition’s forces. He believes in the Inquisition’s cause and is proving to be a strong leader. Cullen is trying to move on from the events of his past. Since DA2, he has taken a step back from his more extreme views. He still distrusts magic, but is less prejudice towards mages as people. Wishing to break from his old life, Cullen has stopped taking lyrium.

Cullen has been working with Leliana (the Inquisition’s Spymaster) and Josephine (the Inquisition’s Ambassador) for the past few months. During meetings, Cullen acts as a military advisor and tends to prefer the direct approach.


A glowing representation of the Divine– the woman who was the pontiff of the Chantry until she was killed in the Prologue by the great blast.
Or was she? Whether this representation is just a spirit pretending to be her or the Divine’s actual ghost is unclear. In the plot, she acts as the kind and
compassionate guide for the player through the dream world of the Fade. Light processing on her lines — she should be ever so slightly unearthly, but not totally obvious, like a ghost or demon. Visually, she will have a VERY faint aura, enough to debate, not enough to make it obvious.


Corypheus is a powerful mage who comes from an age where the Tevinter Imperium ruled the world, and has awoken to find his beloved homeland a shadow of what it once was– like a citizen of the Roman Empire waking up after its fall. He’s horrified, and even worse the “Old Gods” who once whispered to him are now silent. So, in his arrogance, he’s decided he will become a New God to replace the old, and lead his homeland back to ascendance over the world– at which point
he will rule over it all.

Regal, imperious, arrogant. He is a powerful mage, once a ruler of his homeland, and is accustomed to being obeyed in all things. We don’t want him to sound like a cackling villain– just exceedingly proud and sure of himself, someone who is very intelligent but who is out of touch with his own mortality.


This is the character from Dragon Age Origins– a “Witch of the Wilds” who has lived apart from the rest of society in the marshes of the Korcari Wilds for most of her life. She is abrasive, mysterious, and very much has her own agenda… which is to preserve the ancient magic that the stupidity of mankind has been destroying for centuries. She is contemptuous of the Chantry and pays little heed to fools. Most recently she has become a Rasputin-like figure within the Orlesian court, dazzling the Empress with her knowledge of ancient lore until the Empress appointed her a close advisor. Nobody trusts her, but she doesn’t care. She is in the court for her own reasons, and sees little reason to explain those reasons to anyone. Sarcastic, sometimes abrasive. Her voice should be educated but not prissy– she speaks in a straightforward manner, with an archaic lilt that marks her as “foreign” to most speakers. Dresses in an exotic manner– even in the Orlesian court, she’ll wear a gown but it will be black and very different from everyone else’s dresses. She enjoys standing out and even shocking people. Little attention to modesty, and she rather enjoys the effect that dressing provocatively will have on others.


Blackwall is a criminal masquerading as a Grey Warden. He believes that pretending to be a Grey Warden will give him the opportunity to do enough good to make up for the terrible things he did in his past.


Cole appears to be a young man, shy and uncertain, who speaks with odd non sequitors that don’t always make a ton of sense. In reality, however, Cole is a spirit who has crossed into this world, and who is trying to find out whether he is a spirit, a demon, or a real person.

Cole is first and foremost compassionate. He cares about people and cannot bear to see harm come to them. He tries to help people in the most direct (and often least beneficial, long-term) way possible. Most of the time, Cole hides from everyone — most people cannot see him, or forget him after they interact with him, thanks to innate magic on Cole’s part. He is only remembered by people important to him.

He thinks in terms of feelings and emotions, often unconsciously reading the feelings of others (though never in a way concrete enough to let the player really take advantage of it), so a lot of times, he’ll be speaking thoughts that aren’t his. He also uses synesthesia at times — thinking of how a feeling tastes, or smells, or sounds. When he focuses enough to say something simple and direct, it is often an effort.

In his follower plot, Cole can be urged more toward the Spirit or Human side of things, which results in him either becoming more gentle and free-form in his thoughts, or more human and grounded.

Cole has a few distinct flavors that show up in almost all scenes. I???ve marked lines with these as a useful shorthand to give general voice feeling, although most lines will also have a specific context that should be respected as well:

Sensory: On these lines, Cole is either trying to interpret something outside the realm of human understanding or is reading someone???s minds. These are going to have a lot of weird sensory crossover. Treat all punctuation here as essentially optional. Cole may be talking in a happy dreamy voice or rattling something off with urgent intensity, depending on the scene, but it???s always going to have this disjointed, run-on-sentence feeling to it, and the actor should run with that and use
whatever read works best.

Empathic: On these lines, Cole is getting into someone else???s mind, either lightly (in which case he might say, ???She sees the body on the table???) or deeply (in which case he would say, ???I see the body on the table,??? talking from the point of view of the person he???s reading). These often go along with the sensory lines, but I???ll try to mark them specifically for when weird pronoun usage pops up.

More Spirit: Lines marked ???Spirit Only??? or ???More Spirit??? can sound a bit more flowing and loose, as though Cole is looking calmly and distantly at whatever
is happening. Individual lines will have specific reads, of course, but in general, Cole as a spirit is much calmer and more relaxed about everything.

More Human: Lines marked ???Human Only??? or ???More Human??? should have Cole sounding as close to ???normal??? as he gets. He usually makes more sense, and whether
he???s offering normal advice or arguing or whatever, he should sound very close to ???normal person saying this???, with little of the free-association rambling
that marks his other lines.


Stylish, slicked-back black hair, piercings– Dorian is handsome and he knows it. He wears Tevinter mage robes of high quality, and is very fussy about his appearance.


Iron Bull is a Qunari, a massive guy with huge horns and a monstrous ogrelike appearance. Most Qunari speak in a flat, reserved tone, but Iron Bull breaks the stereotype. He is boisterous, good-natured, confident, and relaxed. He’s a guy who is always happy to indulge his appetites, whether you’re talking food, drink, or women. It would be easy for him to come off as a thug, but he’s just so damn likeable and charismatic that he pulls it off. Picture a former athlete who retired a couple of years ago and is now doing sideline commentary, happy to joke around and still confident that he could get out there and play if he wanted to.

Iron Bull is almost always casual. It’s difficult to scare him (unless demons are involved), and the most you’re going to get by way of disagreement is a wordless “Oh, you gotta be kidding me” grumble like you’d from somebody who just stepped in dog poop.

Most of this casual attitude comes from the fact that Iron Bull was essentially part of the secret police in his former life. He doesn’t hide it, but in his life as a mercenary who occasionally sends reports, he’s hiding FROM it. That grim resolve and constant paranoia burned him out, and he’s afraid that if he takes things too seriously again, he’ll just find more disappointment. Life is too short for that kind of pain, and it’s a lot easier to relax and have fun.


Sera is young, raw, frenetic. An activist passionate about causes, but also a selfish criminal. Robs from the rich, keeps it. She???s young and hasn???t thought her beliefs through yet. She is impulsive, and it???s often not about what???s right, it???s about what???s right now. Has next to no self awareness.


Solas is an elf who has lived most of his life as a solitary apostate. He is an expert on the Fade, the world of spirits and dreams. He is polite, reserved, calm, and difficult to antagonize. Years of study and seclusion have made him incredibly intelligent, but also skeptical of the value of most poltiical goals and ideals. As such, he tends to pragmatism rather than idealism. He responds well to people who are intelligent and clever, and thinks less of people who are thuggish and crude.

Note that some of his lines are marked “ancient times”, which is when Solas is remembering something profound he experienced in the Fade. These lines are written with a specific cadence. They should NOT be sung or forced into a sing-song voice pattern, but knowing that there is a bit of rhythm there might help the actor.


He is conscripted.
DA2’s easy-going rogue merchant is out of his element now.
Cassandra, who has heard rumors of the red lyrium being found elsewhere, “strongly suggests” that Varric put his talents to work for the Inquisition.
… or she can go find Hawke, if he’d prefer.
Initially, Varric is just trying to protect his friends from the Inquisition.
Once he realizes how much of the current crisis is his fault, he does a full Tony Stark: He wants to protect the people he’s put in harm’s way.


She is refinement. A commoner, born in the Free Marches, who has risen through the Orlesian Imperial Court, mistress of a powerful noble on the Council of Heralds,
official Enchanter of the Imperial Court ??? a position now threatened by Morrigan ??? and leader of the last remnant of the Circle. She is connected. She knows
anyone, can befriend anyone, and if she can???t??? well, she can manipulate them instead. She is ruthless and will do anything to accomplish her goals.

Vivenne is somewhere between Mrs. Coulter and the Wicked Queen from Snow White. Elegant and charming with a heart of solid ice and an obsessive need for order. She is never direct. She will not antagonize an Inquisitor for disagreeing with her. She will try to charm her adversaries first, and if that fails, resort to guile and manipulation. When she does criticize, it is through catty, biting comments. Her temper, though rarely seen, is utterly terrifying.

Jenna Inouye
JKCI is a tech and gaming writer with a passion for antique crystal doorknobs. She also loves talking about games with other people. Add her on twitter or contact her directly.

Jenna Inouye

JKCI is a tech and gaming writer with a passion for antique crystal doorknobs. She also loves talking about games with other people. Add her on twitter or contact her directly.

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