How to Fix the Dragon Age: Inquisition Party Banter Bug

Since Dragon Age: Inquisition was first released, the Party Banter Bug has been a hot topic. Essentially, some people are finding that they spend long portions of the game in complete silence. Bioware states that Party Banter is operating as it should and that this is simply down to a misunderstanding regarding how and when Party Banter fires.

Everything You Need to Know About Party Banter

  • A chance for party banter is triggered every 10 to 15 minutes.
  • However, party banter does not trigger if:
    • the player on a mount.
    • the player is in combat.
  • Party banter also occurs according to plot events.
  • Some party banter is based on area location.
  • A significant portion of party banter is chronological.
  • Every “pair” of party members has between 8 to 12 unique banters.

Why the Party Banter Bug May Not Exist

Bioware has gone to great detail to try to explain how party banter works. But here are some examples that explain why you could not have a party banter “bug” but still not get party banter:

  • Consider a scenario in which you have Sera, Iron Bull and Solas in your party. That is approximately 30 unique banters. Over the course of 30 hours, you could simply exhaust them all if you do not switch up your party.
  • Consider a scenario in which your banter triggers 4 times but you happen to be in combat or on a mount at that time. You will hear no banters.
  • Consider a scenario in which you have not progressed the plot in a while. You may only have 15 applicable banters which you have already run through.
  • Consider a scenario in which you simply anger the random number generator gods. It’s more than possible to just not roll a banter. It’s like winning at slots, but it can happen.

Basically, people have a tendency to ascribe patterns to pretty much anything random. There may or may not be a party banter bug, but Bioware is adamant there is not one.

Determining Whether You Have the Party Banter Bug

The easiest and fastest way to confirm whether you have an actual bug, in my opinion, is to take the party members you have used the least and to stand outside in an area such as the Emerald Graves or Hissing Wastes. Next, grab your laptop, smartphone, tablet or copy of Asunder and do something else while sitting there.

If, for the hour your party stands there, they say absolutely nothing, then something is wrong. But if you get queued up party banters during that time, it’s simply (and unfortunately) a perception issue.

Blood Magic Methods of Fixing Party Banter

Here are the solutions people have been using so far:

  • Go to your journal and clear out all the entries that are still highlighted one after another. Once you exit the journal you should get a metric ton of pop ups. The goal is to make sure NOTHING is highlighted.  Some people swear that this works.
  • Start a new game entirely. Some people find that starting a new game and seeing if you have party banter will likely guarantee you will have party banter for the rest of the game.
  • Go to Val Royeaux and see if you have music. Ironically, this is a bug in itself. Bioware has stated Val Royeaux is not supposed to have music all the time. But some people say that as long as you can hear music in Val Royeaux you’re likely to get party banters.
  • Call a mount. Get on the mount. Get off the mount. Change zones. See, this is where it starts just seeming a bit, let’s say, superstitious.
  • Go to the Hissing Wastes. Walk in a direction until you reach the sandstorm. Keep walking into the sandstorm and party banters should trigger eventually. (For what it’s worth, I once got 3 party banters in a row when trying to jump on a cliff, so there does seem to be something that triggers banters unnaturally quickly if you’re at the edge of a map. It may have something to do with loading glitching out the clock or something.)

Note: I can’t claim any of the above works. These are the methods being traded about by other people on the Bioware forums, Reddit, etc. I still haven’t actually experienced a party banter bug.

Jenna Inouye
JKCI is a tech and gaming writer with a passion for antique crystal doorknobs. She also loves talking about games with other people. Add her on twitter or contact her directly.

Jenna Inouye

JKCI is a tech and gaming writer with a passion for antique crystal doorknobs. She also loves talking about games with other people. Add her on twitter or contact her directly.

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